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Cupcake Carry Cases and Boxes

Two Tier Cupcake Carrier


Holding up to 25 for cupcakes. This 2 tier cupcake stand is light weight and hygenic. Its tight seal will help keep your cakes fresh. You can carry 2 tiers of cupcakes or cookies at any one time, or remove the second tier and carry one 'regular' sized cake. Its clear box allows you to see your creations inside, and the handle on the lid makes it easy to transport. The dimensions of this carry case are 35cm x26cm x 20cm and it weighs 2kg. This a must have carry case, as its versatilty and high quality means you will use it again and again.

Cupcake Courier


Regtangular and transulcent, this carrier comes in a varirty of colours. Blue Pink and White. This high quality product holds upto 36 cupcakes, with the 3 stackable trays holding 12 cupcakes each. The handle is built into the lid for easy transportation. The lid and stacks clip securely in place so you can carry your cupcakes with confidence. The dimensions are 41.3cm x 33cm x 29.26cm. This is a high quality product that can take a few knocks whilst carefully protecting all your hard work.

Fox Run Cupcake Caddy


This cucpake caddy, made and designed by Fox Run, is a wonderfully fun way of transporting your cupcakes. Availble in Pink or Brown, and shaped like a large cupcake! It can hold up to 24 standard cupcakes, and has a translusent lid so that you can see whats inside. There are 3 trays with space for 8 cupcakes. They stack onto a centre post and each tray has its own individual handle to let you lift out the tray without distrupting the contents. The lid has two clips to hold it in place securly and a built in hanlde for carrying. Its is made from high quality plastic and weighs 1.1kg, and measures 34.3cm x 34.3cm x 27.3cm.

Ultimate 3 In 1 Caddy


Versatility is the name of the game with this great cupcake caddy. It will hold up to 12 standard or 24 mini cupcakes on its removeble tray. Once removed the caddy can be used to carry a 9 x 13 inch decorated cake. All of which sits on it sturdy locking base. The see through cover is high sided to protect all of your decorations. This caddy has a tight seal which means you can use it to store your beautiful creations for days after baking.

Premier Housewares Non Stick 12-Muffin Tin with Carrier


This carrier comes with a non stick baking tray with a convenient lid that clips directly onto the tin. Once you have let your cupcakes cool, and have decorated them, you can fix the clear plastic lid on to the baking tray. The handles are long and comfortable to carry, which makes it durable and practicle for everyday use. The dimensions for this clever little carrier is 9cm x 43cm x 30cm. It will hold 12 cupcakes or muffins, and is overall a brilliant addition to any kitchen.

Sweetly Does It 12-Holes Non-stick Bake and Carry Cupcake Tray


The non-stick tray will carry up to 12 cupcakes. It has an excellent snap-tight locking lid and fold down carry handles, which make it sturdy to carry and easy to store. It is dishwasher safe, and is ideal for parties, picnics or taking to work to share your baking with your friends. The dimension of this cupcake carrier are 3cm x 6xm for the holes and 25cm x 36.5cm for the baking tray.


14" Cake Carrier/Box and Cupcake Tower/stand Pack ideal weddings parties


This is a truly 3 in 1 product. It is a cupcake box, carrier and display stand all in one! It is made from sturdy corrigated card. It comes flat packed and is easy to asemble. This is a one use item, but is fantastic if you are making a batch of cupcakes for a gift or someones special occasion. The stand fits snuggly into the box, which in turn closes nicely at the top to protect your cupcakes from above. It will hold up to 24 cakes, and the spaces for the cupcakes are 6cm across, whilst the base measures 14 inches at the base and 16 inches in height.

Polar Gear Cup Cake Carrier


With a 4 point locking lid, and space for upto 16 cupcakes, this carry case with separate and protect your hard work. Its stylish design is an ideal way to transport your latest batch to your friends and family. The useful carry handle is built directly into the clear lid. The tight locking latches will mean your cupcakes will stay fresher for longer, and the snug 5.5cm holes for your cakes will stop them from moving around.

Viners Bake and Take 24 Cup Cake/Cupcake Carrier- Baking Tray/Storage


This dual use carrier contains both a 12 cup carbon steel baking tray and a 12 cup plastic storage tray for storage and transporation of upto 24 cupcakes. It has 3 locking latches that keep the trays in place and your cupcakes safe. The plastic cupcake tray is collapsible for easy storage, and the durable baking tray can be used over and over again. The transulcent lid, with blue trim has a built in handle for comfortable transportation.

Single Cupcake Gift Boxes Cake Muffin Box

See Link for Various Pricing

Cupcakes can make wonderful and generous gifts just on there own. What better way to present them than in there own gift box. These gift boxes come different colours, patterns and also as 2, 3, 5, 10, 25 or 50 packs. They are delivered flat packed, but are easy to assemble. They have a clear celophane window and a white back ground to display your cupcake creation. They have an individual hole that measure 6cm in diameter to keep the cake in perfect condition. The dimensions of the box are 93mm x 93mm x 130mm. These gift boxes are ideal for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, chrisentings and baby showers.

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